Step aside Senioritis, it’s time for Junioritis to take the stage!

We’ve all heard of the famous senioritis, which consists of excessive complaints, “forgetting to do the homework,” and an overusage of the same sweatshirt for weeks. We all get lazy, but seniors have it bad.

Senioritis is a legitimate thing, but junioritis is just as bad, but we don’t get to use it as an excuse like the seniors.

Juniors have a lot to deal with also. This is when we have to figure out who we are as young adults, because it is a slow countdown until we walk out of the school as actual adults. Juniors have more tests than any other grade levels, and we aren’t allowed to use senioritis as an excuse for not wanting to do our work or doing poorly on a test.

In my opinion, it’s seniors who have it the easiest out of all of the classes. I guess we as juniors aren’t entirely sure why we don’t get a break on anything like they do. It’s the easiest year, and everyone knows that. But they get to do what they want and be lazy just because they are getting closer to graduation. Shouldn’t senior year be the time when you should work the hardest?

Senior year should be the time when we push ourselves to our limits in order to impress colleges and employers. We should be doing everything in our power at that point to do something for ourselves. It makes little to no sense to blow it off as though it is nothing. What I’m trying to say is that seniors have it easy, and that should change. It’s important to prove your self-worth once you are close to graduation. There is no such thing as senioritis — it should be junioritis.