Judgement in Students

Everyday I watch as some people sneer in the direction of the kid who decides to wear a robe over his clothes because he was in a rush.  Or as girls whisper to each other because a guy walked by who was wearing black eyeliner and has a lip piercing.

There are so many people who are extremely judgmental.  Very rarely do I meet people who do not judge others for how they look.  

I think this is the problem with our modern society and with our generation.  We are raised with a set of parameters and are not allowed to waver.  Anything that is different is bad, and can lead to dire consequences.  Yet at the same time we’re supposed to also get along with other people.

From the time I was born to this very moment, I was raised to believe that I am not supposed to judge anyone for how they look.  I could care less if you have purple eyes and green skin; all I care about is how you treat me.  As long as you treat me like your equal and not like you are superior to me, I will never judge you by your look.

But there are so many people out there that don’t care how they treat others because they may not like the way they look.  These are the people that I, honestly, can’t stand.  Yes, there may be people who aren’t the most appealing to look at, but they shouldn’t be instantly judged for it.

Everyone is different for a reason.  Why should we be judged for it?