School Stress

Katelyn Morley, Staff Writer

A lot of things in life are stressful. Work, friendships, school and so much more.


Obviously you can’t avoid stress but I also believe it could be minimized. At school we basically get homework from every one of our classes and the amount for classes varies. Also for those who are in extracurriculars after school that adds more time. Even if these activities are sports, choir, drama, orchestra, band, and so much more.


In my opinion if the school just kept it to mainly class work and 15-30 minutes of homework, then I think it would give people more time to relax and enjoy life. I strongly believe that learning what we do in school is very important but the experiences we get outside of school are just as important. It’s sad that homework has slowly progressed to take up more and more of our time. People should be able to take a break and spend time with their family or spend learning more about the person they want to become. I also think with some more free time one can find interest in a hobby that could also lead them to know what they would like to do with their future, such as volunteering, doing art, acting, etc.


Along with this we are told that teenagers need nine to ten hours of sleep a night. I personally know that I, many of my friends, and peers don’t get this amount of sleep. The reason for this lack of sleep is due to the large amount of homework along with chores and sports/ extracurriculars.


I strongly believe that stress rates would go down quite a bit. If homework was decreased. It also would most likely be done easier. I know many people who have had times where they are so stressed for a continuous amount of time that they have a difficult time to be motivated.