The Powerhouse of

Tyler Baker, Staff Writer

The Internet has the biggest variety of any source in the world. You can literally look up anything you want to on the “World Wide Web.”


We all use the Internet; and it can be like an angel or a demon. It can deliver good news, like the birth of a child, or the worst possible news, like a death.


My favorite part of the Internet is a single website — It has a simple layout with the capabilities to power the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. Someday, it may be the face of the infamous company.


The simplicity of the layout has no boundaries. Viewers can set up the website tailored to their sports preferences. YOU control what you see. Who cares if you hate tennis but love basketball; you have the keys to the biggest sports network the world has ever seen.


Did you miss an episode of Sportscenter? No problem; it’s right there at your fingertips. Miss the score of last night’s game? No worries; all the scores from the year are right in front of your eyes. Wish you were a team GM? You are! Create YOUR dream team with the fantasy games.


There is no debate that has all the tools for any variety of sports fan. Casual, hardcore — it has something for everyone. As shown, this website has grown to be as successful as the station on your TV.