Recent election leaves teachers surprised and shocked

On Nov. 8, the United States came together to vote for their new President. This election was unlike any other; the country was completely divided.

Teachers at Charles M. Russell High School knew that this election would make history. Freshman English teacher Kasi Thompson said she knew that this election would be one for the books.

“When Trump said he was gonna run, I thought it was just a ploy to just get famous again. Cause I thought he was just gonna fly under the radar,” Thompson said.

Thompson was divided on who she wanted to win, like most people in the country.

“There are parts where I think he will be good for our country, cause I think Hillary would let things slide, and I think she would let other countries push her around and Trump wouldn’t do that. But I also think he can take us back on a lot of things that I stand for. But I tend to be right in the middle. I’m surprised I was able to vote,” she said.

Leading up to the election, Thompson knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. With not knowing who you are going to vote for, it can make for an uneasy election night, she said.

“I guess I was just shocked that the both of them made it as far they did, and shocked to see how split our country is when it was so close the whole time. I was shocked and I was scared because I thought no matter who wins, this is going to be ugly,” Thompson said.

Shocking is a good word to describe this year’s election. History teacher Jolyn Johnson said she was astounded at how things ended up.

“What’s shocking is how all the polls were incorrect,” Johnson said.

Like most people who watched the election, she was surprised at the results.

“It looked like Hillary would have a landslide election win, but that was definitely not the case,” Johnson said.

Even if people were not happy with the results of the race, it was one that will never be forgotten.

“It is historical no matter which way you look at it,” Johnson said.