EDITORIAL: Reminiscing on friendships

Throughout our high school careers we are told that we will never get this time back. We are told to spend it with the people who make us smile uncontrollably and laugh consistently, and as we embark upon our senior year we have found that to be all too true.
Multiple studies have shown that humans are social creatures and that without contact we are left with debilitating attributes that only inhibit our potential. As adolescents, our actions now are the ones that help mold us into the adults that we will become, only putting more importance on our social interactions with our peers and making friendships all the more impactful.
Moving through high school, everyone fluctuates through friend groups, from the freshman year “groupies” who stayed with you from middle school to the senior year “besties” who will stay with you for the rest of your life, all the while making memories that will build the foundation of stories told for ages.
As some of us participate in our final year of high school, this has all become more obvious. The importance of a solid friend group brightens and enhances the good times throughout the years.
A firm foundation as one begins on the road to the future is key to finding success as one takes the necessary steps forward. Without the presence of a constant support system, many struggle through the four years of learning the ups and downs of life. Friends are just as important as good grades or being “the star” in sports. They have just as many benefits and life skills attached to them as anything else.
Relationships that form in high school may not last forever, but our cognitive development during this time relies heavily upon them.
When we finally cross the threshold into adulthood, we begin to place a greater importance on connecting with our peers; thus, the lessons we have learned throughout our adolescent years come to fruition.
Whether you struggle through high school or simply sit back and enjoy the ride, the friendships built will impact your future. Use this time to go to the game on Friday night or to help with Homecoming decorations, because the memories and relationships made in these few key years will forever shape who you become.