A stinky movie visit


Nancy Beston , Photo/Design Editor

It’s a Friday night, if you know me that means it’s time for me to collect at least 72 blankets, 16 pillows, and enough food to feed a small army. After I am considered comfortable, I will watch hours and hours of the whatever show I am currently binging. This Friday, I decided to spice it up. My friend Heavenlyee called me asking if I wanted to go see a movie. I stared longingly back at my bed in contemplation. I eventually agreed, she asked me to pick up two tickets for both of us and she would pay for our food.

I decided to head to the theatre early to pick up our tickets and then head over to her house for a while. I got to the theatre and asked for two tickets to “Pet Sematary.” The girl across the counter smiles and asks me if I am sure. I say yes, unaware of what she was implying. Her smile drops and she asked, “Where is your ID then, hun?” I look at her confused, No one and I mean NO ONE has ever ID’d me for a rated R movie, and of course the one time I don’t have my drivers license, someone needs it. I smile and say I have it in my car. My seventeen year old self sashayed out of the movie theatre to my car.

I remember on my long and dangerous trek that I have my paper ID that the DMV gives you. I grab it out of my lock box and walk towards the movie theatre once again with some umph in my step. When I get up to the front again, her cheesy smile drops as soon as she sees me. I hand her my paper ID and she does the cartoon look. You know the one where she look down, then up, then down again. She hands it back to me.

“I am afraid that won’t work hun, we don’t take fake ID’s here,” she says, knowing that I thought I had won. I smile and say no worries, I’ll go home and grab my real one. At this point, I am beyond annoyed. I march back to my car, close my door, and go home to get my real driver’s license. Twenty minutes later and I am back in my own home. I grab my ID and stare longingly back to my bed. My bed would never ID me or say I am using a fake drivers license. I can’t just cancel last minute on my friend though.

I make it back to the theatre and of course when I come in the only person working the ticket stands is fake ID girl. I come up and hand her my drivers license. She hands it back to me along with two tickets. “Movie is at 10:30, be sure to bring your license the first time because we ID at the door too.” It takes everything I have to smile and not yell at this girl. I wasted a quarter of a tank of gas, 40 minutes of my life, and some of my patience on this employee.

I wait in the lobby because there is only about twenty minutes before the theatre opens. Well I am sitting and receiving dirty looks from fake ID girl, I can’t help but think that this night would have gone so much smoother if I would have just stayed at home.