A lack of communication about school-related events

A lack of communication about school-related events

Taylor Willmarth, Video Manager

  Have you ever been invited to a wedding without enough time to buy a dress? Have you ever acquired a late fee for a bill you never received? If so, you’ve experienced a feeling that students at CMR face every day.

       Communication is necessary for all aspects of survival, and the need for effective methods of information distribution in schools is more important than ever. Students, who are constantly juggling extracurricular activities and academic requirements, rely on the school to inform them about events, opportunities, and deadlines.

When the school drops the ball on communication, students miss important chances. For example, CMR has a new ACT preparation program aimed to help juniors attain competitive scores on the test. While this afterschool program has the potential to be very beneficial, students were not sufficiently made aware of the opportunity. In fact, sign ups weren’t available until a few days out from the event. The turnout for the event wasn’t as high as expected either.

Communication is a common point of neglect, and students would be more apt to succeed if they were more aware of opportunities available to them.