Graham hits if off as teacher, coach

Abby Lynes, Staff Writer

Hitting a ball over a net or leading a team to victory may seem to be an impossible feat for some, but it’s all in a day’s work for teacher and coach Lindsey Graham.  Fortunately, her work involves one of her favorite pastimes: sports.

She is an accomplished basketball, volleyball, and softball player.  She currently competes in a city softball league and coaches the spring sport at CMR.  Though she plays many sports, Graham said she enjoys each one equally.

“I don’t have a favorite sport,” she said.

No matter the game, Graham finds great rewards in coaching. She said that she likes “when you’re working with someone and they finally get it… that ‘aha’ moment.”

Though rewarding, coaching can also be emotional, she said. During a game, Graham describes her feelings as, “intense, excited, determined.”

All of those feelings create positive connections between her and her athletes.  The positive relationships she builds extend beyond just her team, and she finds many ways to connect with people.

“I like the relationships I build with the girls,” she said. “I love working with my coaching staff.”