Running with the devil


Photo by unknown

Peyton Fulbright, Sports Editor

Running hard and breathing heavy, Junior Guilherme Poelsma thinks about everything he loathes.

“I hate running, it’s the devil,” Poelsma said.

In his first year as a member of the cross country team, he says it was his choice to join, even though he hates running.

“I joined because cross country will benefit me for my future,” he said.

According to Poelsma, he is undecided on whether or not he will continue with cross country next year, as athletics are not his primary source of involvement with the school; he’s also heavily involved with the drama department.

Although he despises having to pound the pavement on a daily basis, he has no lack of motivation to try his best in practice and competition.

“I’ll sing parts of songs in my head. Then I’ll pick someone infront and try to keep up and then gain,” Poelsma said. “Pride keeps me going. I want to show the team I’m decent, I don’t want to seem the weakest.”