New coaches for volleyball, girls basketball, cheerleading hired

Kimberly Michelsen, Staff Writer

A woman with the will to win, a Video Productions and English teacher, and a man in charge of the cheerleading squad all have one thing in common. Only recently, they were hired to coach volleyball, Girls Basketball, and cheerleading respectively.

Jared Bonvell, one of the new cheer coaches, decided to help out for one major reason.

“What I saw in the team was that they need some of the skills that I have to get better,” he said.

Bonvell specifically describes these skills as being able to get along well with people.

“The biggest thing that I wanted to accomplish when I became a coach was to eliminate the drama,” he said.

Unlike Bonvell, new girls basketball coach Brian Crosby rarely got to watch the girls play because he was always coaching the boys at the same times. Even so, there was one thing that stuck out to him during the games he could attend.

“I always thought they played hard. That’s the biggest thing for me,” he said.

He said he is excited for the coming season, and believes that the girls can be great.

“I know there [are] a lot of kids back; we only graduated two seniors, so that gives us a lot of hope to hit the ground running,” he said.

Incoming volleyball coach Stephanie Anderson also has confidence in her girls’ abilities.

“I look forward to this season. There’s good talent at the school now and good talent coming in,” she said.

She said that mostly what she expects from the girls is hard work.

“I mean beating the teams we are capable of beating and just being competitive against the teams that are maybe a little above us,” Anderson said.

In general, these three coaches’ expectations will help to lead their teams higher and possibly to victory.

“I hope I’m part of that.”