Intramural basketball under way

Out of the 1,400 students at C.M. Russell High School, around 80 end up making a basketball team. What does that leave the majority of the student body to play? Intramural basketball.

Each year, any group of friends can sign up to play competitive, well-organized basketball games against their peers. Freshman play sophomores, while the junior class faces the seniors. Teachers volunteer their time to referee, while students volunteer to keep the scorebook.

“We’ve had the same five guys ref for 10 years,” organizer Mike Henneberg said.

Henneberg teaches weight training and physical education, and started intra muralbasketball in 2004. Conflicts often occur, such as gym availability and amount of girls signed up, but he usually is able to solve problems and get in a season, he said.

“The scheduling all depends on dates available. We run into some conflicts, but it all depends on how many teams and gym availability,” Henneberg said.

Sign-ups have begun, and must be turned in before Christmas break. Each roster may consist of six to 10 players, with a signed permission slip from the guardian of each player. There are at least seven games in the season, with a playoff to see who plays in the championship of each class league. Each team has the option to buy their own matching jerseys with a team name, although pennies are provided.  Underclassmen play early games, while the upper class plays later in the evening.