Let’s Shed Hunt: The Extra Season

Freshman Daelen Doughman enjoys being outside and with his family, but his family bonds in a way that other families do not usually connect.


Doughman has another motivation to go to the woods instead of hiking and looking at nature. He spends time with his family and gets exercise from his hobby: shed hunting.


“I started when I was eight. My dad got me into it since he lived in Oregon and it is big there,” he said.


Doughman tries to shed hunt once a week.


“Shed hunting is where you go around and hike and look for antlers that have come off the deer,” Doughman said. In the six years that he has hunted he has gathered more than just antlers. Doughman has acquired information about the animals.


“We look for the tines or the base of the antlers, not horns. We look around the base of trees,” he said.


Nature is a way of escape for the Doughman family. The family’s favorite part isn’t about receiving material goods.


“[We like] getting the fresh air, having fun and getting the exercise and we want to keep doing it.”