Football team practices pride, disciple, and tradition

Lindsey Robison and Amanda Cornwall, Staff Writers

What comes through your head when you think of a C.M. Russell football captain?

Most people think of one person; all-star, all year. But what they fail to realize is new captains are chosen every week by Coach Gary Lowry.


“Captains change based on what they do the week prior,” Coach Brian Greenwell said.


Greenwell said it gives players a chance to rotate and everyone gets a fair chance at being captain.


There isn’t just one captain spot. Lowry picks a defensive, offensive, and special teams captain; as well as the player of the week. If one week there isn’t an offensive captain there might be two defensive captains, or something similar.


“[We choose them] based on their performance, if they did something special last game, or just a senior that’s still busting their butt and not in trouble,” Lowry said.


Last week’s captains were Cade Mares, Deven Altenburg, Derrick Price, and Ryan Hannah.