Guarding the hoop


Sarah Ljunggren and Emily Cappis, Staff Writer and Business Manager

As the basketball season comes to a close, sophomore Tyler Baker reflects on his season and what is to come next year. Baker is the point guard and shooting guard for CMR’s basketball team.


“It’s fun. I like it. I’ve always liked basketball, and I’ve always been competitive and it’s just something I like to do,” Baker said.


Baker and his team have become close this past season, and continue to grow as a family.


“We’re all pretty close. We grew a lot since last year,” he said.


When looking back on his season, Baker has fond memories


“There’s a lot of good memories. The best memory will be if we finish this season out and win the last two games. This whole season will be a good memory because we’ve only lost four games,” he said.


Baker looks forward to his future years playing for the basketball team.


“It’ll be better athletes because I’ll be playing JV or varsity. More competitiveness and the speed of the game will go up. Everything will be more intense,” Baker said.


Not only does he have fond memories, but he enjoys the coaching staff as well, including coach Cramer Caouette.


“He’s good; he’s younger. He brings a lot of energy, and it’s nice to have someone a little bit younger because he gets it more. Hopefully he’ll keep coaching,” Baker said.