Freshmen Profile in Softball

Sarah Ljunggren, Staff Writer

Softball had a homerun of a season. Freshman Sienna Cherry was able to experience it firsthand this year during her first year on the team.


“It was good. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be,” Cherry said.


Even though it was different, she had her team to rely on and help her out.


“The older teammates help out a lot, and the whole team in general was really welcoming to me. Everyone helps everyone out with technique and picks someone up when they’re down or having a tough day,” she said.


Cherry is planning to play again next year and has high hopes for the season.


“I’m looking forward to getting to play more hopefully. And seeing my coaches again because I like them, and not being the newest player because I’ll know my way around better,” Cherry said.


Cherry said she feels like she has benefited in many different ways from her time on the team.


“I’m glad I joined because it was really fun and rewarding, and it taught me to be more responsible and be better at time management.”