Swimming a sport with ups and downs

Holly Spragg, Staff Writer

Swimming is sport that is difficult yet quite popular , and one senior is no exception.

Senior Emmalee Barnes said that she has been swimming for seven years or so.

There is always a reason that someone joins a sport or any activity in general.  Barnes has a rather unique way that she joined swimming as a sport.

“I thought it was playing around in a pool for two hours,” she said.  She soon realized that it was not just playing around in the water.

Once she saw what it actually was she decided that she would stay for the workout.

In swimming your only competitor is the clock and dropping time is a great success.  Barnes said that in her junior year  she had a rather difficult time but it all paid off when she dropped six seconds at state,

Barnes said she swims the freestyle and breast stroke.

Unfortunately Barnes will has not been able to swim recently because of an injury that took place during swimming.