Young dancers get to perform at the renowned halftime

Kaylebb Stahmer and Callan Garner

The little girls dance their way into the game just as they had danced themselves into our hearts.

Performing at the Jan. 5 halftime show at 2 p.m., the young and promising girls have the opportunity to dance their hearts out with a choreographed show by the Wranglers. This event also serves as a fundraiser to help support their team.

The Wrangler captain, senior Sydnie Garten, said the Wranglers aim to make the dance easier than their own choreography, but still include turns and jumps to let the young girls enjoy themselves.

“We like to add more intricate things into our dances, but for the kids camp we like to add some special things like turns, and leaps, and kicks and stuff, but we do turn down the volume a little for them,” she said.

Garten hopes people can come and support the Wranglers and the little girls at the halftime show.