Spotlight: Maddie Russell

Varsity tennis player Maddie Russell discovered her love for the sport early on in life.

“I started in elementary school, and I liked it,” she said.

Russell said she is dedicated to the sport, preparing for tennis season year-round.

“I practice, working on my skills,” she said.

Tennis season starts at the beginning of March and finishes up at the end of May.  Russell takes lessons in the summer and fall, and she has attended several tennis camps.  She said practice is always important.

“There’s always room for improvement,” she said.

Russell said she enjoys spending time with her teammates as well.

“We support one another,” she said.

She said travelling also is a fun aspect of playing the sport.

“Bus trips are chill,” she said.

She remembers a few funny incidents from one trip.

“Let’s just say I had some trouble standing up, and I got hit in the stomach with a tennis ball,” she said.

She recommends that anyone interested in the sport join the team.

“It’s a fun and relaxed sport, so it never hurts to try out,” she said.

Russell said she will not be playing tennis on a college team, but she hopes to continue playing it as a hobby.