Freshman looks forward to upcoming year of sports

Football, baseball, and then basketball; that’s the meaning of life for freshman Peyton Mitchell.

“I love sports, it’s what I live for,” he said.

Mitchell played football on the freshman team this season; he loved every minute of it. He spent the majority of the season playing on the defensive line in different positions.

“The coaches really gave me a chance to play, it opened my eyes to the talent,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said the most important part of the whole season was being able to see all of the different players and learn discipline along the way. The coaches worked him hard the whole season, harder than ever.

“It was tough. I’ve never ran so much,” he said.

Mitchell looks forward to the upcoming season, for football, and basketball.

“I want to play basketball next year, hopefully I get bigger,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell hopes to make the Junior Varsity football team along with the JV basketball team. He knows it’ll take a lot of work, but he’s up for it.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get there, I love the hard work.”