Loran Fairhurst


Loran Fairhurst, Staff Writer


Hello, reader. My name is Loran Fairhurst. I am a senior and one of the new members of the C.M.Russell Newspaper team, though I did take Introduction to Journalism the year before. I suppose I shouldn’t prattle on about all the boring credentials, so instead I’ll just speak on a few of my interests. I am an avid writer, with one book already under my belt, and highly enjoy reading most kinds of books. My writing reflects my interests in reading, with both being medieval fantasy type books, though I do have a broader range of fascinations when it comes to the writings of others. Also, moving past the literary aspects of my interests, I highly enjoy playing and running tabletop RPGs, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder. So, I suppose I should end this, so I wish you, the reader, farewell. What you do with the knowledge contained within this description, I do not know nor care.