Mckenzie Connell


Mckenzie Connell, Staff Writer

Hi! I’m McKenzie Connell, and I am a freshman. This is my first year in Newspaper and I am so excited! I have lived all over the world, including Washington, Mississippi, England, Japan, and I have visited Singapore. I love watching TV (especially Netflix) and I love reading. I normally do both in excessive amounts. When I am not chilling on my couch, I am out running with the cross country team. My dad used to be in the military, but now my parents own the Great Harvest downtown. Food could be considered a passion in my life, along with music. I could eat anything, but the weirdest thing is probably peanut butter and pickles, or seaweed. I love playing the violin and piano in my free time. Basically, I like being in front of people and performing. Acting, singing, orchestra, are all something I enjoy. My life isn’t a book, but it can be an adventure, and it is definitely a comedy!