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Veronica Evenson
Veronica Evenson is a second year staff member of The Russellog. She is a junior at CMR and a  softball player. She struggles when reading and spelling because of her dyslexia. Veronica has lived in Great Falls, Montana her whole life. She loves art, ranch work, softball, hair and makeup, and hunting. She has grown up on the softball field and in the woods hunting and fishing. Her yorkie is now a year old and has been given the name Theo.  She also spends her summers up in Philipsburg mining sapphires to treasure. Our yearbook California trip was so much fun coming up with our theme going to classes and going to the beach was a lot of fun but the best part was becoming a family with my other 7 students and amazing teacher.

Veronica Evenson, Sports Manager

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Veronica Evenson