Linda Sullivan

Linda Sullivan, is your new hero, she is the source of your happiness. She works in the DECA store?

“I started out on stair duty for three hours a day at CMR, and I eventually over the years have worked my way up to the DECA store,” she said.   

Sullivan, the boss of the DECA store, does more than stand in the booth and take orders. She handles all ordering of the inventory for the store, mans the booth, manages the till, makes deposits of money, and if she has a student aid she trains them to work in the store.

“I really enjoy my job, I love interacting with students and seeing students interact with students” she said.

Students may complain that four years is too long to be at CMR, but Sullivan has worked at CMR since 1985 and she has just received her 25-year award.

“The thing I love about CMR is the family atmosphere,” she said.  I don’t think there’s anything hard about this job, but the easy and enjoyable parts are being able to identify kids and identifying what they eat.”

Even though that’s fun, one of the best part is, “when students are appreciative and understanding. Rarely do I ever have any students that aren’t,” she added.

Students are aware of the recent nutritional guidelines that must be followed, and Sullivan has had to work around them.

“It’s been hard with the guidelines,” she said. “But somehow we’ve been able to work with them. I taste test everything, so we’re good.”