Tammy Petzold

Discipline, order and structure are not the first things to come to mind when 29-year-old Tammy Petzold meets her students.

 “They think I’m not going to have high expectations with behavior, but I do. Sometimes they seem shocked when I give out detentions,” Petzold said.

 Seven years in the teaching field has given Petzold a good look at how to deal with her students. Before she returned to teaching sophomore and honors English, Petzold taught Spanish.  During the time of her teaching, she has held one standard rule: respect your peers.

“The thing that makes me upset is when students disrespect each other. Even when they say that they are friends, I don’t think that friends should talk like that to each other,” Petzold said.

She takes great pride in being able to have a relationship with her students.

“I don’t want to just be a boring teacher who just gives lectures even though I do give long talks; I don’t like to take everything too seriously.”

One of the reasons why Petzold enjoys English is the literature.

“I don’t like to read sad books. I like books to have a symbolic meaning or suspenseful or thriller type books. I like those,” she said.

When she gets the time to sit down and really enjoy herself, she will watch the movie but when she has time to enjoy a book she appreciates it.

“If I have the time to sit down and escape for a few hours I enjoy a movie, but with a book I can pick it up and read for a while,” she said.

When faced with the tough decision to watch a movie or read a book, Petzold just can’t decide.

“I enjoy them as separate forms of art,” she said.