Becky Anderson

Cheerleading has always been a passion for C. M. Russell High School scheduling clerk Becky Anderson. As a teenager she was a varsity cheerleader at her high school and is currently the CMR cheer coach, a position she’s held for the past three years.

                “I really like cheerleading, and I think it’s a really good program,” Anderson said. “I just wanted to build a positive environment for the girls to be in.”

                Though she loves the job, she said there are some disadvantages.

                “It definitely has its stress points. It’s a full-year job,” she said. “There’s always something I need to be working on for cheerleading.”

                Anderson initially earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in college, but after her marriage to CMR English teacher Ryan Anderson, with whom she has one son, and working as the school’s cheer coach, she decided to apply to be a scheduling clerk at CMR as she was looking for a change.

 “It seemed like a good fit,” she said.

Anderson said that when she isn’t working or at cheer practice and sporting events, she enjoys spending time with her family, working on arts and crafts projects, and reading.