Dawn Drahos

Many students find it odd when they run into a teacher at a grocery store or at the movies, because teachers do not leave the school in the students’ minds. Imagine a student’s surprise if he or she were to go on a hike and suddenly find Dawn Drahos, one of CMRs med prep teachers out on a trek.

 “I am an avid hiker and backpacker,” Drahos said. “I’ve always loved the outdoors.”

Drahos was in high school when she was accepted into a program in Quebec called Canoe Trails, a two-week canoe trip.
“It peaked my interest in traveling and seeing different parts of the country, “she said.

Since then she has been fulfilling her dream.

“I’ve climbed 13 peaks in Colorado that are over 14,000 feet tall, spent a lot of time in northern Minnesota, all different parts of Colorado. I’ve hiked in the Grand Canyon; it was one of the neatest trips I have ever done. It was a beautiful canyon, with bright blue waterfalls,” she said.

But Drahos is not done yet; there are places she has yet to experience.

 “High on my list is Costa Rica, Alaska, and New Zealand.”