Brittany Deffinbaugh

Multifaceted is a word that summarizes the interests and skills of new math teacher, Brittany Deffinbaugh. Though math has always been a passion of hers, she also finds happiness in a wide range of other activities.

“In high school I didn’t really belong to a certain social group because I was involved in so many things. I was friends with a wide range of people,” Deffinbaugh said.

In high school Deffinbaugh participated in track, basketball, and choir. Though her days of track and basketball are over, she is still involved in her church choir, which meets regularly for practices and performances. She is also involved in a community softball league during the spring.

Though singing and softball are strong passions of hers, Deffinbaugh takes the most pleasure out of working with people. Before becoming a math teacher at CMR, Deffinbaugh worked at the bank and a customer call service center in Butte. She then relocated back to Great Falls to be near her family where she took the position as a math teacher at CMR. She has recently become interested in psychology and couselling. Though presently, Deffinbaugh is content with her job as a math teacher, she said becoming a school counselor may be something to think about in the future.

“It is something I feel very passionate about,” Deffinbaugh said.