Displaying her outgoing personality, spirit


Tina Keller, staff writer

Not too long ago Rhonda Moore found herself in these very halls learning Spanish for the first time herself.

CMR is where Moore learned Spanish. During high school she went to Mexico for two weeks as a class trip and after high school she became an exchange student in Argentina. That’s when she fell in love with the culture.

 Moore said that’s why she teaches Spanish because she wants to share her love of the language and the culture with her students. Known by many as Patrona, Moore is one of the five foreign language teachers at CMR. Moore has been teaching for 23 years, five of which have been as a Rustler.

 Moore said she loves being part of the CMR community because she was once a Rustler herself. Most students and staff know her by her outgoing personality and spirit.

“God made me that way,” Moore said. Along with teaching at CMR, she also works with the Faith Center Youth group.