A day in the life of Crosby

Greighsen Adams, Staff Writer

Every teacher has a story. This is Brian Crosby’s.

Crosby—in addition to being the new girls’ Varsity basketball coach— is both the video production teacher as well as an English teacher.

According to Crosby, teaching both classes can be a challenge due to the difficulty of staying organized.

One highlight of English and video production is the creative aspect of them.

“Both kind of drive the creative side,” Crosby said.

Being able to incorporate them into one another can be difficult, and “it’s hard to incorporate video production into English,” he said. “I think video production and English are about telling stories.”

Being able to tap into the creative side of both classes is Crosby’s most rewarding part of teaching.

“I think it’s cool when students expand themselves and come up with something creative, and that happens in both classes,” he said.