Bulger juggles teaching coaching and traveling

To see the world inside and out is something very few people get to do. Anne Bulger is one of those few. She has been to Europe countless times.

When meeting Bulger, the first thing many  people  notice about her is her sparkly personality and spectacular sense of fashion that would have Coco Chanel signing hallelujah to the angels. Bulger is the German teacher at CMR and has been teaching for 17 years.

Bulger is never without her smile.

“I enjoy getting to know crazy, wonderful kids,” she said

Bulger choose to teach German because she has strong German heritage. She has such strong heritage that her maiden name was Hauptman which means Captain in German.

Although Bulger is a very busy women she spends her free time walking her dog, reading everything under the moon, gardening and playing tennis. Bulger is also a tennis coach at CMR.

“I always thought [coaching] would be fun,” Bulger said.

Her favorite German word is one that describes her to a T it’s auzgezeichnet which means excellent and Bulger is one auzezeichnet teacher.  Bulger learned most of her German as an exchange student in Vienna, Austria.  Although Bulger is an extremely busy person she never forgets her students.