Principal not your typical outdoorsman

Everyone has their own way of enjoying their free time. For CMR Principal Kerry Parsons, walleye fishing is the best way for him.


“I love to walleye fishing. I think it’s great to be outdoors,” Parsons said.


For Parsons, targeting walleye is a fun but challenging way to provide an opportunity to be with friends, but that is only one of many hobbies.


Parsons is also a huge bike fan and runner. He enjoys taking his dirt bikes up to the mountains and doing trail rides.


“Besides being a lot of fun, it’s a great physical workout in my opinion,”  Parsons said. “ I rode them as a kid, and about two years ago I heard some friends talking about it and decided to start doing it again.”


Other than being an avid outdoorsman, Parsons loves his time spent at CMR.


“I’ve seen so many positive things happen whether it be between kids in the hallway or between students and teachers. I just love all the positive interactions; it’s a great place to work.”