The Evans: A power couple taking over CMR Drama Department


Hannah Pate, Staff Writer

The difference between football turf and the stage in Bill Will Auditorium is apparent. Despite this, one teacher at C. M. Russell high school knows them both well. Chris Evans, the Drama teacher started off as a football jock, a part of the 1982 state championship team.

“A friend of mine told me about this class that was really fun. I took it because the girl to guy ratio was in my favor,” Evans said.

Evans thrived in the drama department, saying he found that the discipline he learned on the football field translated into discipline he could use on stage.

“I came into drama and the work ethic is kind of the same.” Evans said.

Evans graduated the class of 83’ from C. M. Russell High School, and went on to get both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama and a Master in Drama with an emphasis in Education at the University of Montana.

“I in no way saw myself as a teacher,” Evans said. “The teaching slot opened up, and in four months I got my teaching certificate.”

He teaches alongside his wife, Lesli Evans. They met at summer theatre, when Chris Evans saved the day with his improvisation skills when an actor made a mistake.

Lesli Evans never thought that she would be helping in a school either, but she is now a para-professional. Despite this, she considers her position very rewarding.

“Memories have come back, but giving kids the same opportunities we had and watching them grow. [is the most rewarding].”, Evans said.