Klosterman keeps CMR athletics close

Quinn Soltesz, Staff Writer

Athletic trainer Teayre Klosterman is no stranger to the ins and outs of C.M. Russell High School athletics.

As she is both a teacher and a trainer, Klosterman has the responsibility of teaching students and keeping them healthy and ready to perform in their sports. She has held this unique position for nine years.

Klosterman is diplomatic when it comes to identifying her favorite sport.

“I don’t have a favorite,” Klosterman said. “They are all fun to watch and have their unique aspects.”

Being the trainer for football and soccer, Klosterman will now be working with both teams at Memorial Stadium.

“The new turf is not necessarily a bad thing, and makes it unique,” she said.

In the picture above, Klosterman holds up something special from her room, a photograph of the scoreboard at a crosstown football game four years ago. The Rustlers won that game, and the photograph has stayed in her room since, she said.

. It is something that shows how dedicated she is to the athletic program at CMR. “A photo was given to everyone who helped with CMR football, after the game,” she said.