The importance of a library

Julia Gremaux , Photo Editor

Jamie Williams doesn’t work in any ordinary classroom environment. She is surrounded by hundreds of books and many murmuring students.

Along with a couple other staff members, Williams works in the school library.

“It’s awesome [to be surrounded by books], but it kinda breaks my heart sometimes that I don’t see them always being checked out,” Williams said.

She thinks that this is partly because kids don’t read as much as they used to in elementary or middle school. Williams said another reason is that kids tend to go to Barnes and Noble to buy their books when they could save a lot of money by just checking them out.

“I think sometimes there is the conception that we don’t have some of the newest books, but really we are kinda always getting new books, so kids are sometimes surprised when they come down and say ‘oh my gosh you’ve got that book I had no idea,” she said.