Business teacher manages various organizations using her experience and skills

Quinn Soltesz , Staff Writer

Key Club advisor. BPA advisor. Head of the business department. Jack of all trades (related to the CMR student body of course). Business teacher Jessica Goosen does it all.

This is Goosen’s first year as the advisor to Key Club, and it is her fifth as advisor to Business Professionals of America. She explained how although both of the clubs are entering their “busy season,” students who are active in both organizations can make it much easier.

“They’re starting to ‘ramp up’ at the same time, but having active members in both really helps. They keep me organized and on track,” said Goosen.

It is her first year of managing Key Club, and Goosen stressed that since the club is mostly student-driven, she leaves the majority of decision making up to the elected advisory board.

Goosen is also the leader of another student organization at CMR, BPA. She was a member of the club her junior and senior years of high school and hopes to pass on the experience she learned then to the students she has now.

“I’m a competitive person, so I think I bring that enthusiasm as an advisor,” Goosen said.

This love for the sport, so to say, of BPA, paid off recently. The Charles M. Russell BPA team competed well at the regional competition and took home numerous first place awards. The entire team will move on to the state competition in March.

Having her students’ effort be recognized is something that is a great source of pride for Goosen.

“It’s great seeing how hard the students work, and how they can bring home trophies, like we did at regionals,” she said.