My House

Isaiah Vang, Online Editor

My House

Once upon a time in a small neighborhood

Live fathers, mothers, and kids who were good

They all lived in a neighborhood where everyone was lazy

Until a big family came who they all thought were crazy

They would laugh and talk like any family would do

But sometimes in winter they would come out with shorts and no shoes

They would mow the lawn in a crooked way

Picking up frogs in the month of May

Waking up early and riding bikes at dawn

Then realized they were locked out and sat on the lawn

The parents were mature and did everything they could

To teach their young ones how to be good

They all agreed to be good throughout their lives

But then one day they threw snowballs at beehives

Even though they might have some flaws we wouldn’t be here without their cause

We started interacting with our neighbors afar

Singing and dancing playing guitars

Thank you strange family from across the street

Our neighborhood has finally felt complete