Emily Cappis

Emily Cappis, Editorial Board

 CMR a better place to learn and teacher where relationships lead to success. From freshman year to the beginning of senior I longed for the days when I wouldn’t have to hear that phrase ever again. Now as the end of my high school career is approaching I wish I savored more of those morning announcements carried out by Mr. Evans booming voice.

Everyone always says enjoy every moment of high school because it goes by fast, let me tell you they weren’t kidding. It seems like yesterday I was a freshman reading the Odyssey in Mr. Anderson’s English class. Now I am sending out grad announcements, where did the time go? How am I going to college in three months? Now that I am graduated do I have to be an adult? These are the questions I find myself asking more and more.

To my peers who will be in the same spot I am a year from now, I’d like to share some words of (what I hope is) wisdom. First: Stop for a minute and enjoy this time in your life. Life sweeps you up, and you forget that soon you will be shoved into the real world. Second: Being active within the school, and participating in activities like homecoming and sporting events isn’t lame. In fact whoever thinks that is lame. Participating helps build up the moral of the school, and makes school more fun to be at. Last but not least: show some appreciation for your teachers. Your teachers who come in early, or stay late to help you. The teachers who make an effort to learn about you and your life. The teachers who bump up your grade at the end of semester. I wish you all nothing but success in your future endeavors. Finally I’d like to thank the friends, teammates, coaches, and teachers who constantly cheered me on the last four year. Thank you for reminding me I can do it, even when I thought I couldn’t. I don’t think I will ever be able to repay you for the influence you have had on me. Thank you CMR, I will miss you more than you know but am ready for what’s to come for me in Bozeman.

  • Emily Cappis