Maygie Li

Maygie Li, Staff Writer

Farewell lights, farewell tiled floors, farewell confusing stairs, farewell lockers, and especially farewell the statue of Charlie Russell. I remember going through multiple hair styles, awful clothes styles, and way more. I don’t remember my locker combos, I don’t remember what grade I received in each class, and sometimes I blank on teachers names. But I remember all the silliest things that won’t matter in 20 years. I guess if I had to give an advice to everyone is do what you need to and live how you want. Do what you need to succeed, and strive, do what you need to earn the grade you deserve, and do what you need to to do to be the best student you can be. Live how you want to- go to all the pep band games, attend all the parties, and go to a night of prom to remember; have no regrets and live highschool to the fullest. Don’t work too much and don’t sit at home too much. You have the rest of your life to sit at an office desk and work. Realize that your ACT score won’t matter in 10 years, realize that the one highschool crush doesn’t matter and missed out, and know that in order to be old and wise, one had to be young and stupid. If 13 going on 30 taught me anything is that, don’t miss out on the one childhood you have; one has about one tenth of their life to go outside and jump rope, or to play ball, and the rest of your life you’ll be too busy, or too tired, or too old to feel young again. Remember  to mind your P’s and Q’s, cross your T’s and dot your I’s, and live a highschool life to that is one for the books.