Student learns lesson from procrastination

Anthony Matury, Staff Writer

With school shutting down and forcing students to do online school, online school  has become a living nightmare for some students. Online school becomes a much more challenging process because of the fact that they have to stay at home and work, two conflicting concepts.

 Work is essential for keeping up in school and in your job, but for a lot of people it’s a pain to put up with. Home is a place where you can relax and relieve your stress from work, school, so on and so forth, which, for a lot of people, is the one thing they look forward to the most when it comes to their daily itinerary.

 Putting the two together is pineapple on pizza. Some people love it, some people can put up with it, but for the rest it’s considered to be the worst thing ever. For those people, they decide to put it off until it comes back around to bite them, and it has for me. Big time.

I was one to put off online school because I was one of the people that couldn’t stand it. I quickly, and regretfully, learned that whining about it doesn’t postpone anything. Because while I was on the verge of having a full breakdown, assignments were racking up on the side. It eventually led to 20-30 things that I didn’t even bother thinking about doing, including stuff already missing. 

I was about to have a heart attack over school, mainly because I thought my parents were gonna snap over my terrible GPA. But, thankfully, I was wrong. My dad comes home, calls me downstairs and says my favorite sequence of 2-3 letter words. “I’m not mad at you.” Hearing those, to me, was like witnessing Jesus in person. I’d never thought it would happen, but it did. After that, he told me to slowly work away on them. So, I finally put my big boy pants on and started to catch up. 

I might still be in the hole now, sure, but at least I’m not worried about it so much anymore. I’m a lot more “at peace” than I was, granted I’m still freaking out over it, then again, not as much. One other thing that I hope for is that the government stops postponing school, because as much as I hate to admit it, I miss school. I more used to doing that than having to be on my computer to do it.