Predicting the Grammys- editor steps in to tell who should, will win

Caitlyn Aakre

As a person with functioning ears, I enjoy music. As you know, the Grammys announced their nominations in a concert on Nov. 30. The awards are set to take place on Feb. 12. I was invited to a Grammy decision meeting (just kidding) and I know the winners. So here you go. You’re welcome.

Record of the Year:


“Rolling in the Deep”- Adele

“Holocene” –Bon Iver

“Grenade”- Bruno Mars

“The Cave”- Mumford and Sons

“Firework”- Katy Perry

 My pick: “Firework”- Katy Perry

Winner: “The Cave”- Mumford and Sons

I am a fan of catchy pop songs that make me feel good about myself by the Grammys are notorious for picking songs that not a lot of people have heard. Mumford and Sons is a great group, and I enjoy them a lot, but they don’t have enough recognition right now. The win will be what gets them elevated to famous status, which for many of their listeners, may not be a good thing (hipsters much?)


Best New Artist:


The Band Perry

Bon Iver

J. Cole

Nicki Minaj


 My pick: Nicki Minaj

Winner: Skrillex

I love Nicki (even though she copies Lady Gaga…). Minaj is something new and feminine in the Hip Hop world. She has that super-fast rapping voice and is a good singer as well. With friends in Lil Wayne and Drake, she’s got a lot of radio airplay. However, as a devoted user of Twitter, Skrillex has got a lot talk and a lot of raves. People love their Dubstep… or whatever it is. I haven’t listened to them, which means the Grammys will definitely pick them.

 Best Pop Duo/Group Performance:


“Body And Soul”- Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

“Dearest”- The Black Keys

“Paradise”– Coldplay

“Pumped Up Kicks”- Foster The People

“Moves Like Jagger”- Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera

 My pick: “Paradise”- Coldplay

Winner: Body and Soul- Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

“Paradise” is a fantastic song. It puts me into a great mood, and the little dancing elephants always pop into my head. But Amy Winehouse died this year, making it a sure thing she’ll win. Remember when Michael Jackson died? He won so many posthumous awards! Amy Winehouse is sure to do the same thing. Plus, Tony Bennett is making a comeback, even as an 85-year-old.

 Best Pop Vocal Album:


“The Lady Killer”- Cee Lo Green

“Born This Way”- Lady Gaga

“Doo-Wops & Hooligans”- Bruno Mars

“Loud”- Rihanna

 My pick: BORN THIS WAY- Lady Gaga

Winner: 21- Adele

As the most devoted and loving  Little Monster in Montana, of course I pick my hero’s junior album. It’s my car CD, and my wake up music and everything I love about the world. “You and I” was a huge hit with those who don’t usually like Gaga, but in all reality, Adele has touched a lot of sad people this past year. “Rolling in the Deep” is the angry girlfriend’s song and “Someone Like You” is the grieving girlfriend’s song. Ryan Tedder, lead singer for One Republic, and one of the most respected songwriters in the business, collaborated with Adele on a few songs on a the album, giving it more credibility.

 Best Pop Solo Performance:


“Someone Like You”- Adele

“Yoü And I”- Lady Gaga

“Grenade”- Bruno Mars

“Firework”- Katy Perry

“F***in’ Perfect”- Pink

 My pick: “Yoü And I”- Lady Gaga

Winner: “Yoü And I”- Lady Gaga

Now it should be no surprise to my readers why I would choose her to win, both in my heart and at the Grammys. “Yoü And I” hit audiences like never before. People who love Gaga (me) loved it, and people who usually have a distaste for Gaga loved it. The “We Will Rock You” drums in the background were familiar for many even though they didn’t know what it was. Gaga got Queen’s Brian May to perform on the track and with “Jo Calderone” at the VMA’s. If anybody knows how to win an audience, it’s Gaga. If she doesn’t win this category, the Grammys are rigged. J

 Best Alternative Music Album:


“Bon Iver”- Bon Iver

“Codes And Keys”- Death Cab For Cutie

“Torches”- Foster The People

“Circuital”- My Morning Jacket

“The King Of Limbs”- Radiohead

 My pick: “Torches”- Foster The People

Winner: “The King Of Limbs”- Radiohead

Foster The People is the second best thing to happen to my ears in a while. With songs like “Houdini” and “Life on the Nickel,” I get excited to turn them on and sing along with the melodies that are unexpected in the mainstream world. “Pumped Up Kicks” was a huge hit this summer, despite being about a kid preparing to shoot up his school. The reality of it all is that “Pumped Up Kicks” is one of the weaker on the album, and doesn’t truly exhibit the amazingness that is Foster The People. However, Radiohead is a popular group in the alternative genre, and hipsters love them. Hipsters always win.

 Best Country Album


“My Kinda Party”- Jason Aldean

“Chief”- Eric Church

“Own The Night”- Lady Antebellum

“Red River Blue”- Blake Shelton

“Here For A Good Time”- George Strait

 My pick: “Own The Night”- Lady Antebellum

Winner: “Here For A Good Time”- George Strait

George Strait has been around the rodeo a few times. He’s a sure winner for this category as he just keeps putting out music, although it all sounds the same to me. My whole deal is… why is this category purely masculine with the exception of Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott? That’s kinda ridiculous. Lady A. deserves this. They’ve been a successful crossover group and their hits, including “Just a Kiss” and “Need You Now” (last year’s Record of the Year) have captured hearts of the hopeless romantics and drunks…( “I’m a little drunk and I need you now.”) This is their 11th Grammy nod and have only been in existence for five years.