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Dinh relieves school stress

Madison McKenzie, Staff writer

June 5, 2019

The school year can be stressful for many, and sophomore Lily Dinh expresses how she relaxes during the summer. “This year I am going to California to see my cousins and my grandma,” Dinh said. She explains that while next...

Virts describes how she relaxes over the summer

Kaylebb Stahmer, Staff writer

June 5, 2019

Summer is a time to de-stress and relax after the constant work both students and teachers have to do over the year. Christi Virts plans on spending her summer finishing and moving into her new home -- which she built. Virts,...

Summer promises rest, productivity for English teacher

Quinn Soltesz, Features/Entertainment editor

June 5, 2019

The beginning of June promises bittersweet endings for seniors, relief for juniors, and nervous anticipation for underclassmen, but for an often overlooked group at CMR, teachers, the end of the year can mean the promise of time...

Summertime relaxation done the Davis way

Jackson Howell, Staff writer

June 5, 2019

Jon Davis is the head of the C. M. Russell High School science department, and this year has been one wild ride. “This year was particularly stressful. We had a new curriculum to teach,” Davis said. The new biology curriculum...

Breuer leaves behind the stress for the summer

Kerrigan Edwards, Staff writer

June 5, 2019

Most people aren’t aware of the work that gets put in behind every school year. Who sends out schedules and arranges graduation? Well, this is the job of Mary Breuer, CMR’s very own records clerk. After spending three years...

Summer: A relaxing time for all

Holly Spragg, Online Editor

June 5, 2019

Summer is a time for not only students to enjoy the lack of homework and pressure that builds up throughout the school year, but also teachers.  CMR science teacher Christine Sundly has a few things she is looking forward...

Teacher excited to recover from the school year

Grace Carr, Editor in Cheif

June 5, 2019

While teens are bouncing up and down in their seats waiting for the final bells of the school year to ring, teachers are waiting for the summer to start just as patiently. World history teacher Jolyn Johnson is one of the hard-working...

Biology teacher embraces summer activities and parethood

Maggie Petersen, Staff writer

June 5, 2019

High school holds many life changes in store for its students; so many, we may forget just how much happens in life after high school. Nathan Gregier, biology teacher and track coach, can tell you a thing or two about living a...

Spanish teacher shares plans for the summer heat

Gloria Baldevia, Staff writer

June 5, 2019

As the temperature is about to hit its highest level for the year, several teachers are all geared up and ready to go spend their days away from all-day standing and speaking and their busy classrooms.  One of these teachers...

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