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Alumni Testimonials

Mackenzie George — Class of 2018 — Stampede Editor in Chief

At a time in an individual’s life where labels are extremely prevalent, high school journalism allows students to expand their horizons. Reporters have a chance to learn something new every day by getting outside their comfort zone and covering those whose lifestyles might be quite dissimilar to theirs. By starting this process in high school or even earlier, students have an opportunity to learn that differences are often beneficial, not detrimental. Good journalism requires curiosity, hard work, an open mind, and attention to detail. These qualities will serve student journalists well even if they choose an occupation other than reporting.

Even in a bubble of just 1300 students, I discovered pockets of ignorance and misunderstanding. I learned things through journalism that I myself had previously misunderstood. A lot of people have decided that journalists are divisive and untruthful. But strong reporting is exactly the opposite.

The press is a mechanism that allows voices to be heard and bridges to be built. It is a forum for change and growth. It would not be one of the five freedoms of the First Amendment if it were not critical to this free society. I’m so grateful that I had a chance to think outside the box and become more open-minded by participating in high school journalism.


Ashley Seibel — Class of 2018 — Russell Editor in Chief

As a sophomore I still had no clue what my niche was. I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere in high school until I joined the journalism family. Yearbook has not only taught me where I belonged, but it also taught me how to be a leader and has helped shape me into the person I am today.

My junior year I became the business editor. I dealt with the financial side of the yearbook, and that taught me responsibility and organization. I also had to learn how to be creative on my own in order to create business and baby ads.

My senior year I was the Editor in Chief. My role was to be the leader of our staff members as well as help them whenever they needed it. If you’re thinking about joining yearbook, you really should. I’ve seen many reserved people blossom into someone who becomes outgoing. You will become a part of a family and help create something wonderful that people will look back on years later. You learn creativity and leadership skills. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you join. Yearbook has changed my life, and it will change yours as well.

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Alumni Testimonials