Gabbie Hanna: Viner, Youtuber, and Singer

Jayla Mitchell, Staff writer

Most singers that start off on Youtube don’t make it big, especially when they didn’t start a channel solely for singing. Gabbie Hanna, on the other hand, has had multiple hits that have topped alongside professional divas like Ariana Grande on the iTunes chart.

Hanna’s newest singles, “Monster” and “Monster (Encore)”, have done it again.

Written with deep lyrics and sung with intense emotion, “Monster” and “Monster (Encore)” reveal a side of Hanna that we haven’t ever seen. Unlike most pop songs, it isn’t about romance, but about the struggles of life: the insecurities, the doubts, the loneliness. The high notes ring with pain and the poetry of her words sting with realization. The vulnerability of both is what makes them so amazing.

Not only is her singing on point, the accompaniment is very thought out. It starts off with only a beat and slowly adds a soft, rounded pitch. It seems to remain consistent throughout the song, with small variances when it goes to the bridge and the chorus. The organization allows Hanna’s vocals to shine, and adds to the eerie feeling that’s going on.

Along with the music, the video that goes along with it is a masterpiece. Typically, music videos don’t have meaning; they’re compilations of people with scraps for clothing, dancing in a way that’s supposed to entice you. This one has a story to tell, one that may mean something different to each individual person.

As for the future, I see Gabbie Hanna going far in the music industry, with songs like this, it is inevitable.