Students take on extra responsibilities in business department


Business managers Sarah Udovich and Jean Ducimetiere work together on a recent project.

Shayna Leonard & Lindsey Buck

Business managers Sarah Udovich and Jean Ducimetiere work together on a recent project.

For some kids, having a teacher in charge is hard enough, but juniors Sarah Udovich, Jean Ducimetiere, and sophomore Taylor Korb face the daily challenge of being a leader for students.

“It’s a weird job. You don’t want to be mean but sometimes you have to,” Ducimetiere said. Ducimetiere is one of the many managers for the CMR Company this year, and it’s a job that requires a lot of hard work.

“I wanted to try to handle more work for my own experience. It makes me feel that I can do good,” he said.

Managers are in charge of counting students absent, marking students tardy, and giving students permission to leave classes.

However, according to Ducimetiere, along with the hard work comes fun.

“The most fun part is helping people. I’ve usually needed help and now I’m in a spot where I can help,” he said. Ducimetiere said that all the managers take time to patrol around their classrooms and assist students with projects and other homework.

According to Ducimetiere, there are more benefits to being a manager than just being helpful.

“You’re your own person and your own teacher. You learn how to interact and act in real world situations,” he said.

Ducimetiere said one of the hardest parts about being a manager is having to take two classes at once. Other than the normal responsibilities of managing a business class, managers also are part of their own class.

“I’m working on a project about handling conflicts. We have to rent movies, answer questions, and take time outside of school to do this,” Ducimetiere said.

Sarah Udovich also recognizes the hard work it takes to be a manager. However, Udovich has bigger management plans than just her high school career.

“I’m either going to do fashion merchandising or fashion designing,” Udovich said. She says that both of these careers require her to have taken business classes in high school.

“I think a lot of kids like the business department because you go at your own pace and are independent. You have more responsibility,” she said. According to Udovich, business is becoming a bigger part of the world every day.

“Marketing and entrepreneurship is really huge. The business world is taking off,” she said.

Becoming a manager for the CMR Company, however, is not an easy job. Sophomore Tayler Korb is an example of the hard work and dedication it takes.

“I was inspired because I wanted the extra challenge and many teachers encouraged me to apply for the position,” Korb said.

A well constructed resume, teacher suggestion, and interviews with staff are required to attain the position of manager.

“The most challenging part of being a manager is finding the balance between working with my peers and being responsible for management duties,” Korb said.

Like Udovich, Korb plans to pursue a business career in her future, and says that management is one of the first steps to getting there. Management classes are valuable for students and are the future of CMR, she said.

“Student managers are important because it gives leadership opportunities for students and additional challenges which students are looking for.”