406 club reignites music scene

Austin Lahr, Staff Writer

Great Falls is home to a less than stellar local music scene. But the 406 Club may be changing this.
On Oct. 2, The 406 Club hosted a show on the Shredding Pumpkins Tour featuring signed bands Antagonist, Wretched, and Diskreet. Several other local bands played as well, including CMR’s own My Reflektions and Bloodlist.
The night kicked off with My Reflektions throwing in the comedy from an intro with an ice cream truck tune to a straight up metal tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger mixed with a touch of thrash metal.  Bloodlist brought the crowd in a thrasy blend of home-brewed southern metal, while Mageddon sped things up with some fast technical death metal. Diskreet really got the show going with their technical guitars and blast drum beats.  The main highlight of the night was Wretched, whose melodic death metal proved worthy of the energy experted by the entire band on stage.
“It’s definitely a lot different than I expected,” Wretched lead singer Billy Powers said. “We’ve been to a lot of venues with switching stages, and it’s always been chaotic and hectic and there’s a lot of overlapping. [The 406 Club] definitely have the time management right here, the people running this definitely know what they’re doing.”
My Reflektions Drummer Casey Coffman said the show was incredible.
“It was a complete honor to not only set the stage for the night but to even be on the same flyer as these other big label bands.” Coffman said.
Cory Lynch, drummer of Bloodlist and promoter for the 406 Club, said that this show might actually help the venue.
“I think this is good for the 406 Club, with signed bands coming through we might be able to get more, and it’s not only going to be metal in the future. It’s going to be  a little bit of everything,” Lynch said.
“This is exactly what the 406 Club needs to get the ball rolling and get other tours to come through here,” My Reflektions Bassist, Talina Waver said.
“The show was amazing,” CMR sophomore Alex Jones said. “I wish it would never end.”
For more information check out The 406 Club’s Myspace at: www. myspace.com/406club