Justin Bieber epidemic hits students full force


“Beliebers” at CMR include Brandon Knowles, Jenni Peer and Colton Carter.

Caitlyn Aakre

"Beliebers" at CMR include Brandon Knowles, Jenni Peer and Colton Carter.

It’s an illness brought from Canada. Discovered by R&B singer Usher, it’s affected everyone, mostly 11-year-old girls. But at CMR, the epidemic extends to older students.

“I’m gonna be Bieber’s ‘One Less Lonely Girl,’” junior Brandon Knowles said. Knowles is just one of the “Beliebers” attending CMR.

“I got a Twitter so I could follow Justin Bieber,” junior Jenni Peer said.

“Me too,” junior Colton Carter said.

All three are proud Bieber fans. They aren’t afraid to tell the world, and Carter and Knowles proudly wear Justin Bieber bracelets. During the interview, Peer was playing Bieber music on her iPod. Each could recite the words to any song chosen.

“I like ‘Pray’ and I like ‘Baby’,” she said.

“[My favorites are] ‘Down to Earth’ and ‘Love Me’,” Knowles said. As male Bieber fans, Knowles and Carter both receive criticism.

“There are haters with all greatness,” Carter said. As a true fan of Bieber, Carter is in full support of his new haircut.

“I like it better. [It’s] more mature, more sophisticated,” he said.

 “I like it cleaner,” Peer said, “I like my men clean-cut.”

“I think his new haircut makes him look mature. and smokin’.” junior Georgia Mae Morrison said. Morrison agrees with the others about his talent.

“He is really talented and really down to earth,” she said. “He can play the guitar, piano. He can play the drums.”

After seeing “Never Say Never,” Bieber’s autobiographical success story, Morrison has more to love about Bieber.

“He’s his own thing. [He] isn’t created by a big company [like] Disney or Nickelodeon,” she said, retelling his story of YouTube star to radio-hopper until he got discovered by Usher. She added that her friends are divided on the issue of being a fan of Bieber.

“They’re divided,” she said. “People either love or hate Justin Bieber.”