“Last Chance” takes CD to “Level 2”

Austin Lahr

Music and video games have always gone together, like peanut butter and jelly. For instance, look at the multi-million dollar franchises that are Guitar Hero and Rockband. Soundtracks can be found for virtually every video game out on the market.

Maine’s “Last Chance to Reason” has in fact topped all of those, with their sophomore release, “Level 2,” a concept album based on the video game they are creating.

Taking place in a digital world, Level 2 revolves around the relationship between man and technology and what the move to a virtual world would mean for the human existence while being told through an artificial intelligence struggling to face the harsh and violent realities of a video game world.

Level 2 is an immediate prog metal epic, filled with vocal harmonies, guitar duo melodies, crushing double bass drums and bass. Did I mention the exceptional use of the classic 8-bit keys. This is the gamer’s soundtrack, not just because the band members are incredibly talented metal heads, but because of the fact that they are video game geeks in every sense of the word. With lyrics like “Free floating through the cache/streaming code in binary,” on “Temp Files” and “I stare into my rendered self/ dissolving pixel by pixel.” On the song “Portal,” Level 2 can make any computer nerd perk his or her ears in interest.

The game itself is in fact very similar to the album– spastic, chaotic and yet at times melodic and peaceful. Designed by the band and indie game designer Tom Vines, the game is a 2-D side scroller influenced by games such as “Super Metroid” and “R-Type.” The game has not been released in full as of yet, but the first level has been released for free downloading. The first level has been set to the first song on the album, “Upload complete.”

To listen to “Level 2” or download a free demo of the game check out; www.facebook.com/lastchancetoreason