Possesion Review

Tom Gruner, staff writer

When I heard the name “The Possession,” all I thought was “Oh great, another exorcist-themed movie.”

Not getting my hopes up, I walked into the theater expecting basically just a remake of all the others. Yet, to my surprise, I walked out hoping I’d be back to see it again.

The PG-13, 91-minute movie stars Jeffery Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick as divorced parents Clyde and Stephanie Brenek, Madison Davenport as daughter Hannah, and Natasha Calis as “possessed” daughter Em.          

During the girls’ weekend with dad, Em finds an antique wooden box at a yard sale, and its origin is unknown. Soon after Em purchases the box, she seems almost inseparable from it. Not so long after that, she becomes obsessed with the box. Both parents don’t think too much about it at first, but as her behavior becomes more erratic, the dad takes action.

Director Ole Bornedal, who has also directed “Nightwatch,” “I am Dina,” and “Just Another Love Story,” does a phenomenal job at directing the cast that adds to the film’s concept of unworldliness. Never knowing what’s around the corner is what kept me interested. There was always one thing or another that would catch you by surprise. “The Possession” is definitely one flick that will make you cover your eyes while still peeking through your fingers.