“Failosophy” does not fail to entertain

Tom Gruner, Staff Writer

Scrolling through your news feed or timeline, you’re probably in awe from half of the stupid things people post. It could be a video of somebody doing an unwise stunt, posing oddly in a picture, or even just a thoughtless status update.

If you would rather just relax and watch a television show where you can enjoy all these humorous things, then “Failosophy” will definitely deliver.

Always looking for something that can make me laugh, which sometimes can be a challenge, I love finding random, comical shows like these. And the best part of it is that these are actually people from the real world that are the reason for all these humorous posts. I guess in a way, it can even make you feel better about yourself, mainly because it shows you some people have had even more embarrassing moments than you.

Along with the host, Hasan Minhaj, every week the show features a panel of different Internet personalities and comedians who join them on the show to give their opinion on the pieces they have found. Just adding three comical people to the show makes it more worth the while.

Each episode they have annual segments, dedicated to certain parts of the viral world; it could vary from auto-correct fails to hilarious, unexplainable images. My favorite would have to be their segment “Dramatized,” where random people send in their own personal embarrassing experiences and act it out on the show. They do follow the story the guest told but they spice it up a bit.

 The best thing I have seen on “Failosophy” so far would have to be when they shared stories from random people off the street. Just hearing about somebody’s embarrassing or humorous experience always makes me laugh.

 Even if you just have 10 minutes, tune into this show, airing a new episode every Thursday night at 8:30p.m. on MTV, and you are practically guaranteed a good laugh.